The Secret to the best Beer can airplanes

Beer can airplanes are a quintessential American art. The best beer can planes ever made have one thing in common. The beer can adds to the airplane and doesn’t overpower it. While many vendors have built and sold beer can airplanes and patterns online, few have used their cans judiciously. And that’s when even the best beer can airplane can take a nose dive. But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond choosing the right can, implementing the can logos into the pattern is also key. And what I have found over the years after having built thousands of beer can airplanes is that deliberate placement of the logos and art work often detracts from the aesthetic beauty of the airplane.

So what’s the best way to make a beer can airplane?

First off, the beer can airplane plans you choose are everything.  As I mentioned in my article entitled, The Evolution of the Soda Can airplane through the 21st Century, the old way just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sticking wings and a propeller onto a couple of cans is out. Either the beer can airplane pattern is realistic and forces the creator to push the envelope with his creation, or it just won’t stand out. And standing out is everything. Even a ten year-old can glue a couple of wings to a can airplane and call it good. But a true artist chooses to go beyond kiddy paper scissors class. Yes the true beer can artist is looking to make a beer can airplane that will stand apart. And with the right beer can airplane instructions, his work of art will stand alone.

Honestly, there are only a few beer can airplane plan vendors online, so the pickings are slim. But if you’re looking to make a name for yourself as a beer can airplane artist, then you need to find the right plans.

And guess what?

I know where you can find them. Think I am joking or looking to make a quick sale? No, what I want more than anything is artists producing beer can airplanes that stand apart from the rest so they do away with the silly looking whirligig beer can plans that dominate Google. Yes, I sell them, but I am practically giving them away with generous coupon codes and plans sets that give you more bang for your buck.

But I know your just dying to see what they’ll look like.

Let me show you:

See what I mean?

Where can you find the best beer can airplane plans?

There’s a big difference in the plans that we use to build our beer can plans than those sold by our competitors. We use some unique techniques and materials to produce ours and the results speak for themselves. We don’t need staples, pieces of wood cut into funny shapes or so many pieces of metal you’ll spend all day in the hardware store. No we believe in the pure beer can model airplane. One where you produce every part you need on the workbench. One that will be just as unique as the last. No you won’t be pumping them out like an assembly line, but that’s the whole point. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few days working on a project as opposed to a few hours. Again, the results speak for themselves. So what about the placement of your logos and artwork. Having been in the art for the better part of twenty years, I can tell you there has been a fierce debate. But without a doubt, I can tell you that customers and even competitors prefer the let the logos fall where they may as opposed to deliberate placement.


Because it looks natural and not like an advertisement for a beer company. I mean lets be real, they’re not paying you to hawk their product while you’re building that beer can airplane. Nope, they might think its novel and cool, but in the end it’s about the novelty of the craft. So the secret to building the best beer can airplanes is letting the logos fall where they may. And as I have already mentioned, plans are everything.  Once you have the right plans, you simply need to learn the basics. With our plans, the key skills are cutting, folding and tracing. If you can master those basic skills, everything else will be a cinch. Yes, you’re going to be challenged and you’re going to have to push the envelope a bit, but in the end it will be worth it.

Because our beer can airplane plans are simply more realistic than anyone else’s.

I know that bold statement will put some people off, but it’s true. And we have the IPMS awards to prove it. Beer can, soda can and pop can airplanes have won four out of our five IPMS awards. And for those you have to compete against some of the toughest model builders in the country, not crafters. So in conclusion, the secrets to the best beer can airplanes are:

Realistic beer can airplanes plans, templates or instructions

Letting the logos fall where they may

Pushing can building skills to the limit with every build

NO fluff and filler with cheap plastic pieces

If you follow these four simple rules for each beer can model plane you build, I believe that you’ll see a big difference it what you’re building. And how you build them. In short you beer can art will take on a life of its own and your models will stand out from the rest. If that isn’t what you want to accomplish with these build, then you’re just in it for the dollars and cents.

So where does one go to get these plans?

I’m glad you asked. The answer is right here:

On each of those sites, you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy. Whether it be airplanes, tanks, ships, Sci-Fi or cars. We have over 120 different plans files available each with varying degrees of difficulty. All that is required is a bit of courage and your imagination.

So, what are you waiting for?