Making the Best Beer Can Aircraft Models

It’s all about beer can airplanes these days. The can actually serves as the foundation of
beer can aircraft models and all the logos and art make for good looks and conversation starters. However, the best beer can aircraft models don’t come without good plans, so if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can make your own beer can airplane. This article will show you how to make the best beer can airplane plans using just a few easy steps and also the best place to get your plans.

beer can aircraft model

The first thing that you need for making your own beer can airplane is 18-24 beer cans. Any sort of beer will do, but if you want that wow factor, try using well recognized beer brands. You can also find some very unique beer cans at your local grocery store or on the internet. You can even use generic beer if you’re not too picky. Once you have your beer can, you’re ready to make the project fly! In addition to your cans you’ll also need some supplies like craft foam and aluminum sheeting. You can get craft foam at Wal-Mart or buy it online at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Just remember to clean your cans with warm soap and water and leave them out to dry before building. The next step is to shell your can with an Exact-o blade and a pair of scissors. You can also use a rotary tool if you are talented enough to take just the tips off of your cans. Just make sure you also cut off the excess edge off both ends of the shelled can so you have a flat surface to work with. Now, you’re ready to build!

beer can aircraft models

Again, if you’re not a hobbyist and don’t want to spend hours sanding and painting plastic aircraft models, you are probably working with the best materials to produce an aircraft model. All you need to know is how to trace, cut and fold. If you do decide to paint your beer can or seal it with a dull coat after you have finished building, hobby paint like Testors will work just fine. Also, make sure your Super Glue is Gel and not liquid so you have time to work your parts together. Making the best beer can aircraft models is fun and easy. If you’re looking for something to challenge yourself with, try beer can airplane. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t disappoint! And you might just become addicted to these little beer can airplanes. So, if you love airplanes and beer, this could be a great hobby for you to pursue. If you are ready to begin, then click one of the links below!

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